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About Us

Destino is a faith-based movement at the University of Arizona bringing growth and empowerment in the Latino/Hispanic community.

Members Benefits

Members get to be apart of more than a community, but a familia. We want all members to feel as if they are heard, are valued, and are welcomed to be their full selves. We offer potential for members to learn more about who Jesus is and help them grow more in their faith. As well as help them grow in their strengths so that they can empower people in all walks of life.


We want to make friendships that last a life time.


Build up a God-centered community of these friendships. Creating a familia atmosphere.


Send out students to make a difference for our community and for the kingdom of God.

Our Team

There are no officers.
P: 520-591-1298

University of Arizona Student Union- Santa Cruz room


Destino Movement

Tucson, Arizona 85721
Tucson, Arizona, 85721
United States