How to sign up for CTFs

1. You must be a Cyber Saguaros member to play on our team. New members are encouraged to participate in any upcoming CTF.

2. Sign in to your Campus Groups account.

3. Click on the CTF Event below and register! 
All attendees names are hidden for privacy.

More details concerning the particulars of the CTF will be sent out to members who register for the event, you can also watch our discord server for announcements.

Beginner Friendly CTFs

These CTFs are great for beginners because they have great entry level challenges that progressively get harder.


JUNE: A 48 hours ctf by n00bz for n00bz, organized with beginner friendly challenges (and some hard ones), n00bzCTF is dedicated to make cyber security more friendly and approachable for complete n00bz.

National Cyber League (NCL)

NCL has two 3-day long games (an individual and team game) per semester. The competition is open to high school and college students. There is a gymnasium that is open all semester long so students can practice.
There are easy, medium, and hard challenges across 8 categories.


FEBRUARY: CactusCon is a local Arizona Cybersecurity Conference and CTF that has some great beginner friendly challenges, a wonderful community, and a great conference as well.

National Cyber League (NCL)

The individual game must be done individually but the team games are comprised of 7 people. The scores from the individual game determine how the teams are broken up.

Ready to take your CTF Game to the next level?

Try participating in these CTFs...




Hack the Port

NSA CodeBreakers


Want to give back to the community?

Trace Labs Search Party CTF

"A non theoretical, gamified effort that allows for the crowdsourcing of contestants to perform a single task: Conduct open source intelligence operations to help find missing persons."

AUGUST: 4 Person Teams

The Capture the Flag (CTF) event is a gamified version of what real trackers do. While the ultimate goals is to find the person, we do this through finding individual flags that often build a picture of where the missing person may be.