About Us

Cyber Saguaros is a student group that focuses on cyber security education, capture-the-flag competitions, and industry networking for students wanting to work in a field involving cyber security.

This is a beginner friendly club!

Veteran Saguaros train new members in OSINT, Cryptography, Password Cracking, Log Analysis, Forensics, Network Analysis, Web Application Exploitation, Enumeration, Reverse Engineering, Threat Hunting, Blue Team Topics, and much, much more.

Members Benefits

- Access to BASCO Discord Server - D2L Page - Cybersecurity Resources - eBooks Repository - Software Licenses - Coupons for Securitee Star Clothing!

Regular Meetings

Every Thursday 
6:00-8:00 pm AST.

Held virtually via Discord and recorded for asynchronous participation.

(ISC)2 Monthly Meetings

3rd Thursday of every month, students are invited to attend the (ISC)2 Southern Arizona Chapter meeting, for free.


Cyber Saguaros maintains a D2L page that contains a plethora of resources including software, tools, eBooks, guides, tutorials, and much more!

Meeting Content

Weekly meetings consist of club news, CTF news, CTF after-action and write-ups, walkthroughs, training, and CTF preparation.


(ISC)2 Southern Arizona Chapter is a local cyber security industry group. Students have the opportunity to practice public speaking by presenting side projects or a topic of their choice during the meeting.

Presentations to (ISC)2 are great resume boosters, as students will be able to say that they presented topics to an industry group.

Discord Community

After joining through ASUA Campus Groups, information will be sent out on how to join the club on Discord where there is a bustling and friendly AZ CAST community with lots of friendly people who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Meet the Cyber Saguaros Officers

David Poehlman Profile

David Poehlman



CTF Captain
Lindsey Hinz Profile

Lindsey Hinz

Chase Hult Profile

Chase Hult

CTF Deputy
Thomas Reid Profile

Thomas Reid

Shakira Bonneau Profile

Shakira Bonneau

Ethics, Diversity, & Inclusion Chair
Moe Ismail Profile

Moe Ismail

Social Media & Outreach Chair
Karen Langdon Profile

Karen Langdon











Here is a list of some of the CTFs Cyber Saguaros regularly participate in.

  • NCL


  • GoogleCTF

  • CactusCON

  • n00bzCTF

  • Hack-the-Box

  • TraceLabs
    Search Party

  • SanDiego CTF

  • Killer Queen  CTF

  • NSA Code - Breakers

  • Hack the Port

  • Crypto CTF

Join Cyber Saguaros!

Cyber Saguaros has a wonderful, diverse community of people wanting to share their knowledge of cybersecurity and have fun while doing it.

Supplement your classwork by getting hands-on experience using the tools and techniques used by cybersecurity experts - and have fun in the process!

#1 goal of the club is that you learn something useful.

#2 goal is that you are having fun.

JOin Cyber Saguaros!