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Collaborative Hours

Work together to practice skills or tackle common career-prep tasks like interviewing, resume reviews, and more.


Learn about relevant technology in a space where you can discuss and get hands-on experience.

Social Events

Share your love of data with others!

Potential Workshop Options

  • Anonymous or Not: Data Ethics and Practices (discuss current data practices that comply with or break ethical code and how we even define ethics)
  • Data in the Cloud: Azure, AWS, GCP, and Me (introduces the concepts of "the cloud" with room to shift more technical with demonstrations)
  • Data Storytelling (looking at how data is presented in all mediums)
  • Guide to Technical Interviews (exploring the different types of interviews, how to prepare, and maybe do some practice/ demos)
  • Let's Talk Visuals: Review of All the Tools (exploring programmatic and non visualization tools like ggplot2, matplot.lib, seaboard or Power BI, excel, tableau)
  • Project Portfolios: Showcasing your Skills (we provide a template website where you can upload your projects for display; talk best practices and what to display like notebooks and visuals)
  • Statistics in Data Science: Why is it important? (exploration of foundational stats concepts such as distributions, assumptions, and probability)
  • The Top Hits: Python, SQL, and R (demo-ing the three most popular data science languages, we can discuss the companies that most popularly use these languages)
  • Translating Data (soft skills in talking data to non-technical and technical people alike; practice possible)
  • What's my Job Title? (exploring all the different types of analysts/engineers/data scientists roles and how each vary)
  • Recommended UArizona Classes (spotlight our favorite/ most useful data science classes, citing the tools, programs, and concepts used)









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