Which data career is good for you?

From data scientists to data engineers and everything in between, identifying your speciality can determine what you need to learn today.

Picking Classes

At the University of Arizona, there is an abundance of data-relative courses from teaching data fundamentals to learning how to manage a database to implementing machine learning algorithms.

Student Course Surveys

Look at recent and old course surveys. You can search by instructor or by course and evaluate how much estimated time you could expect. Rather than getting data from outlier students on sites like Rate My Professor, use the internal survey system. See the results of surveys you participated in.

SCS Survey Results

Perspective From Club Members

Every semester we will gather information on what classes accomplished which set of objectives, and particularly the most painlessly

Meet with your Advisor

An advisor can help you in your quest to developing the perfect course portfolio, this can include requirements as well as deeper understanding of what classes sum up to be.

Trellis Advisor Scheduling